Hvidovre trip

The biking trip is about 20 km in and arround Hvidovre. On your way round, you pass

  • Planetstien
    A 6-kilometer path, which is a model of our solar system. Here you can go from planet to planet along the water and through the green areas in Hvidovre, while you get your astronomical knowledge updated on the panels along the way. Planet path is a favorite destination for families.

  • Vestvolden
    An old 14 km long fortification from 1892, ranging from Avedoere to Utterslev marsh.

Brøndby trip

From Avedørelejren there is approx. 5 km to Brøndby Strand. The trip in Brøndby is 21.5 kilometers long. On your way you will pass:

  • The medieval village
    The village consists of a collection of reconstructed houses, as they might have looked in 1300. There are 7 houses with different function and a forge. The village is constantly evolving. Currently a stave church is under Construction.
  • Brøndby Strand
    The beach was inaugurated in 1980 after huge deliveries of sand. Now the 7 km long park, with its dunes and sandy beach is a much loved and sought attraction for the west region's population and for visiting.
  • Brøndby Harbour
    Brøndby harbour can accommodate 550 boat´s and is home to both a sailing club and a club for anglers.